Praise for How The World Works


2009 IPPY National Book Award Winner - Silver Medal


"It's one of the best books I've ever read; it gets better with each page." - Joe Reardon

"Your book is giving me the chance to connect with my 17-year old son!" - Scot Mortier

"Thought provoking." - Scott Penwarden

"Couldn't put it down for hours." - Bob Mueller

"So many great lessons, expressed so clearly and succinctly." - Floyd Dillman

"Mr. Hackney has gathered a wealth of wisdom in this book - there is something to inspire, motivate and educate everyone." - Lauren Hillquist


"How the World Works is an inspiring blend of passion, patience, practicality and most importantly, quiet wisdom. Doug is that rare person who turns insatiable curiosity into zestful action, all the while maintaining the perspective of a sage and the awe of a child...and now he has managed to bottle that spirit in the pages of this remarkable book. He wrote this book for his daughter, and she will certainly learn more about how the world works, but he also wrote it for the rest of us, to help us understand and celebrate the canvas of life. This book will soon find its way onto the desk of all four of my children."
John Kretschmer
Author of At the Mercy of the Sea, and other books.

"The young who study this contemporary instruction manual will gain a critical edge contending with future challenges, while the old who breathlessly pour over the pages will nod in melancholy agreement, wishing they had possessed this timeless knowledge earlier in life."
Glen Heggstad
Author of One More Day Everywhere, Two Wheels Through Terror and subject of the National Geographic documentary Banged Up Abroad: Colombia